Please take a moment to sign my guestbook.

First heard you on the Jango music site. Hope you'll be back in Toronto again soon! Tony
Tony Figueiredo
USA - 2012/06/12 10:12:06
What a beautiful voice. When I hear it, It makes me crazy! If only I could see you in performance here in Boston. A friend, Leo J.
Leo J. Nozruk
Uxbridge, MA USA - 2012/04/16 16:23:04
April 13, 2012 Good morning Connie, We saw and enjoyed your singing last night in the Williamsburgh Room at the Lexington restaurant in St.Paul, MN. You were terrific and your Trio did a great job also. The only negative was a group of two couples who would not stop talking during your singing. The only time that they were quite was when you guys were taking a break because they were eating and filling their mouths with food. Do you have any suggestions on how to get a group like that to keep quite? I thought of buying them a big dessert hoping they would keep their mouths full of food but I didn't do that. Thanks for the enjoyable evening, Ginny and Stuart Campbell !
Stuart Campbell
Bloomington, MN USA - 2012/04/13 07:29:05
We came to see you last night at the Dakota and loved your show! We were commenting that the first time we went to the Dakota (when it was still at Bandana Square, many years ago), we also saw you...with Moore by Four! Thanks for keeping all of that wonderful music alive and well!
Deb Perry
Chaska, MN USA - 2012/03/23 09:51:05
Thanks to a neighbor, I discovered your music this morning with the Hot Club of Sweden cd. Having just seen Midnight in Paris, your music was the perfect dessert. Please come to Boston. I'd love to see you. In the meantime, there are a lot of your cds to discover. Christmas comes early this year.
Jay Bartlett
Danvers, Ma USA - 2012/03/12 06:08:18
Connie, two new albuns are coming??? One of them from songs of Brazil? Bossa nova? Well, I'm waiting for it with great expectations! Probably they will be the best albuns of the year for me!! All the Best. Dado.
Santa Maria, RS Brazil - 2012/03/09 16:08:23
I just read this: " expecting to release a more tropical collection of the songs of Normal Gimble, Summer Samba, later this year." Please let me know when it's available. Hal Davis
Hal Davis
Minneapolis, mn USA - 2012/02/04 11:46:33
Connie, Bob and I attended the Womens Club Wed night. The intimate room and incredible architecture was the perfect setting for your performance. Bob has been a Jazz Musician and band leader for many years and he says your combination of personality,style,silky voice,and drop dead looks is unique. I would go a little farther, but, I don't want you to get a big head. Enjoy your travels and save me a seat at your next visit to the club. George
George Rea
USA - 2012/01/05 09:49:58
Love at first hearing . . . I'm listening to "Some Cats Know" (my second CD) as I write this. It was a joy to discover your music and your unique sound. Love the sultry swing. All best from California!
Pacifica, CA USA - 2011/12/30 03:00:22
So nice to chat with you on Thursday evening Connie - Now I'm on your list with my correct email! :)
Jean Garbarini
Mpls, Mn USA - 2011/12/10 12:18:21
Heard you sing on a "Prairie Home Companion" while driving and noted your name when Keillor said it. I couldn't believe how pure and sweet your voice is. Better than Peggy Lee, Sarah Vaughn or others who are my favorites. I'm buying all your albums, now. Please keep producing more. Giles
Giles Fischer
Clarksburg, WV USA - 2011/11/18 08:21:35
L-O-V-E your music Connie! Come to SaintPetersburg & the Tampa Bay Area... PLEASE! bb
Big Bob
Saint Petersburg, FL USA - 2011/10/18 11:57:36
Connie, I'm the one with the violet Sharpie in Staples. The above is my new e-mail. The old one, can be deleted. Thank you for your performance on Friday. You and your group were wondrous, you a glittering angel. Thank you so much for your concert. Don
Don Garey
Stales, MN USA - 2011/10/16 12:03:44
I've just discovered your lovely music. I'm a fan already!
David Chase
Fairfield Glade, TN USA - 2011/10/13 17:12:18
Hey, Connie....I'm the lyricist of THE LONELY ONE. You did a beautiful job on my song, one of the best of the many versions out there. Hope it's getting a lot of plays! ...Roberta Heller
Roberta Heller
USA - 2011/09/10 09:34:51
Dear Connie, I greatly admire your work and I was wondering if you teach jazz vocalists? My background is musical theater, but I've been singing with a jazz quartet for several years now and would like to study, or get some coaching. Thanks, Christina.
Christina Schwietz
USA - 2011/08/31 04:35:31
Any chance you'd be visiting Southern California sometime? Thanks.
Los Angeles, CA USA - 2011/08/18 01:20:29
What a joy! What telent! First heard you on Pandora Radio and now have most of your CDs. Please come to Rhode Island!!!!
Bruce F Cushman
Warwick, RI USA - 2011/08/10 11:30:07
I'm a Brazilian singer and I LOVE your music ! When you decide to come to Sao Paulo, let me know, It will be a pleasure tu show ya the city and help as a portuguese speaker. A huge HUG from this Brazilian ! MÔNICA. 5511 3863-8978 5511 9682-8349
Monica Marianno
Sao Paulo, SP BRAZIL - 2011/07/31 18:38:28
Connie - please, please, please make plans to sing at the Napa Valley Opera House in the beautiful Napa Valley!! Love your voice and your music
Daryl Roberts
Napa, CA USA - 2011/07/22 23:12:40
Hi Connie, I heard you sing last week on the 8h of June at Jazz Alley here in Seattle with the group Pearl Django.What a wonderful night.Listening to yor music and some of your latest from your new CD Gypsy in my Soul..Even tho we were in Seattle you took us to Paris for the evening with many of your songs..I bought your CD and you signed it..I took it to work on last Friday to share the great sounds with my Coworkers and would you believe..left it at my desk and when I returned on Monday no CD...Someone took it and I am really bummed...So now I need to have you sign another one and send to me...Keep up the wonderful music ..Your voice is lovely...Thanks for a wonderful evening of entertainment on Wednesday, the 8th of June here in Seattle..
Sharon Perkins
Redmond, Wa USA - 2011/06/14 10:20:51
When are you coming to Southern California?
mike carroll
Upland, CA USA - 2011/06/08 19:43:29
you're a treasure... I'm speechless
charlie mimbs
port wentworth , ga USA - 2011/04/10 21:00:20
Please visit Santa Cruz. There's a great jazz club here, Kuumbwa. Jazz acts all stop in here on their way between gigs in San Francisco and LA.
Santa Cruz, Ca USA - 2011/04/02 20:34:03
Saw your show at Bloomington Center for the Arts last night with my granddaughter, Kate, from Capitol Hill School in St. Paul. She loved the show and was thrilled that you recognized her and that she got to talk to you. The night was my birthday present to her. Thanks for the great work you do with those kids in school...great way to build their enthusiasm and understanding.
Margaret Schally
St. Paul, MN USA - 2011/03/27 21:32:37
Hi Connie, Thanks for a lovely hour in Stockholm @svejs lunch koncert. Id really enjoyd your song, you have a good feeling. I've been listen to your cd's, and discoverd lots of songs that I liked, maby it will come on my repertoar:) specially Eastwood Lane. Wish you a nice spring and good musical future. And again, many thanks! LOL
Ulrika Goliats
Tungelsta, Sweden - 2011/03/15 04:05:54
Hallo Connie, Really enjoyed hearing you live in Gävle, since I have listened so often to you on CD.I like your seemingly simple style, but which is actually very refined and very complex at times. very memorable. Nice talkinng to you. Hope cold Sweden didn´t frighten you off, we want to hear you soon again.
Margareta Strandberg
Gävle, Sweden - 2011/03/02 15:43:21
Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed your amazing performance here in Gävle. I love your style of singing. Hope to see you again. Nice talking to you as well. By the way, my high school classmates are in St. Clouds, couldn´t remember then when you asked me.
Babes Silayan-Lidström
Gävle, - 2011/03/01 14:10:45
Thanks for a marvelous concert tonight! And what great musicians that was playing with you.
Åke Lorestig
Gävle, Sweden - 2011/02/23 18:51:50
Connie, Just heard one of your songs on my computer. Your in the same class with Karin Allyson and Diana Krall(all A's). Website is the BEST. Where have you been HIDING or better yet, where have I. We're even neighbors. Gus (a new fan) Des Moines,Ia.
IA USA - 2011/01/31 09:54:26
I have requested that the new jazz radio/web station based in Appleton, Wis--The Avenue 91.1--please play some of your music. I "found" your version of Good Day Sunshine through Rhapsody, and really like your interpretation and honest style!
WI USA - 2011/01/08 18:55:07
HI, Connie! How are You! Love your songs, you know! When we'll hear another album??? Thanks a lot. All the best from your fan of Brazil. Dado.
Santa Maria, RS Brazil - 2011/01/07 15:01:35
I heard Si Tu Savais on Pandora radio tonight and went to click the thumbs up button and realized I'd met you in Seattle a few years ago playing with Pope Firman and Pearl Django at Jazz Alley. Glad to see you are based in the TC, my new home! Cheers and Happy New Year.
Eric gimmestad
St Louis park, Mn USA - 2011/01/05 22:36:42
Just found you via pandora and love your work!
Chicago, IL USA - 2010/12/20 10:32:49
So glad to hear and meet you at the Christmas Tea on Dec 12th. Your Christmas CD has already been played in my car and it is great. Have to locate more copies to give as gifts! Too good to keep to myself.
Lynn Stone
Blaine, MN USA - 2010/12/14 22:30:54
Connie - so great to meet you again last night. I hope we can get together soon. I'm up for just about anything! We could include Karen as well. Take care and I love your web site. Claudia
Claudia Cackler
Saint Paul, MN USA - 2010/12/07 17:13:16
Hi Connie, Saw you @ Dakota with Hot Club of Detroit - fantastic!! Also got your Gypsy cd & love it, esp. the vibes of Susan Pascal. Met your parents after the show. They're very proud of you, rightfully so. keep up the great work.
USA - 2010/09/24 09:51:25
Love your arrangements of the Beatles' songs. Please let me know when you will be in the WASH DC area.
Rita Espiritu
Burke, VA USA - 2010/09/23 17:28:52
Hi Connie! We are going to play together in Uppsala 20/2-11 I am looking forward to it! Greetings from us in Skuttunge (jumping baby) Lars-Erik
Lars-Erik Lidström
Bälinge, Sweden - 2010/09/17 12:02:18
I recently set up a Diana Krall radio station on Pandora and heard you for the first time. I really enjoy your music and will add you as one of my new favorites.
Dennis Fech
USA - 2010/08/05 07:47:07
I first heard your voice warm and sensual. I love your music. Thank you very much
Padova, Italy - 2010/08/01 14:00:04
Hey, Connie, come to New York, willya? Your biggest fans are right here in the Big Apple!
Johnson, NY USA - 2010/07/15 20:22:21
PLEASE come to Atlanta! I love your sound & I play Stockholm Sweetin' for my 6month old daughter all the time...she gets really quiet and listens so intently.
Darlene Gordon Cartwright
Duluth, Ga USA - 2010/07/15 11:57:40
PLEASE come to Atlanta! I love your sound & I play Stockholm Sweetin' for my 6month old daughter all the time...she gets really quiet and listens so intently.
Darlene Gordon Cartwright
Duluth, Ga USA - 2010/07/15 11:57:31
Wow! My wife and I were thrilled to hear you in Eau Claire with the UWEC Jazz band!! Thank you for signing our CD's. What a pleasure to meet you. We want more!!! Neal and Lana
Eau Claire, WI USA - 2010/06/22 21:36:12
Mt wife and I spoke to you this eveing at Craig and laura's Bake's Place during intermission in the lobby. We love your music. Thank you. Azim
Azim Walli
Kirkland, WA USA - 2010/05/23 01:10:40
Thanks to Jazziz CDs I get to hear some great jazz artist down here in the Appalachian Mountains of NC. And your one of my favorites.
Ken Gentile
Old Fort, NC USA - 2010/05/13 16:59:20
Connie - What a swingin' concert last Thursday night at the Eau Claire Jazz Festival. We enjoyed it immensely. The two CDs we bought have been getting lots of air time at home. Thank you for sharing your talent. Chauncy
Chauncy S. Harris
Eau Claire, WI USA - 2010/04/20 06:30:44
Thanks so much for a wonderful performance last night with the UW-Eau Claire Jazz Ensemble at the State Theater. So fun to hear you sing live, you're fabulous. I'm sure the students really enjoyed working with you.
Rick Mickelson
Eau Claire, WI USA - 2010/04/16 10:02:48
Great old Jazz with some new twists. Love it. I don't know why it took me so long to find you - nearly 73 years hp
Hurle Priser
Surprise, AZ USA - 2010/04/12 13:41:45
Connie, your nightly performances in the Mix on the Prairie Home Companion cruise to the Western Caribbean were just terrific. What a great duo you and Tanner Taylor are. Hope to see you in the Seattle area soon.
Bainbridge Island, WA USA - 2010/03/23 00:29:48
Thanks for all your wonderful music on the M/S Ryndam last week - we really loved it!
sandy gridley
dunedin, fl USA - 2010/03/22 19:23:17
We had a great time at your Beatles show last night!
Mark and Bob
Cambridge, MN USA - 2010/02/15 10:54:08
Connie, I first heard you on KJZZ in phoenix and have been a fan ever since. Have you ever thought about doing a desert show, it might be nice to get out of the snow this winter?
Pat Driscoll
Phoenix, AZ USA - 2010/02/07 00:05:12
hi connie. i knew you from the espresso royale some years ago. i lived in the neighborhood. do you remember chief? anyway, i turned over the let it be jazz cd to steve march torme, who is mel's son. he has a radio station here called 91.1 the avenue. all jazz. so, hope he puts you on the air. he might. hope all is well with you. take care and happy holidays. william roberts
william roberts
appleton, wi USA - 2009/12/05 10:00:37
Connie, every time you come to Seattle we see you, just checked your schedule and don't see anything yet. Are you coming to Jazz Alley any time soon.
Jeanette & Ken
seattle, wa USA - 2009/10/30 18:23:25
Connie- I just heard you for the first tome on Comcast channel 838 (Singers and Swing). Being from Northern MN, residing in Minneapolis and adoring Peggy Lee, I'm on a mission to see you live. Where do you perform and how have I not heard your angelic voice before?
Anita S.
Minneapolis , Mn USA - 2009/10/25 10:44:16
Saw the wonderful Moore x4 Ruby's retro last evening. Simply the best, as always, but struck a memory chord of my first time with the group somewhere in St. Anthony on Main that simply shocked me with srtistry. Your wonderful music has enriched my life for the past 22 years and I thank you for every moment!
Robert Langford
Minneapolis, MN USA - 2009/10/11 14:16:20
Connie---I was so tickled to hear you on the kickoff of "Prairie Home Companion". My wife and I were hiking around Duluth (with earbuds) and the leaves were beautiful and then---voila, there was Connie singing "Autumn Leaves." Sweet!
Paul Hahn
USA - 2009/09/29 17:21:41
Dear Lady, "Little Did I Dream" really swings ! Once again, you've created some outstanding music. A sincere and heartfelt thanks to you, and to all those who made this music possible. I used to compare your music to that of folks like Janice Borla and Janis Siegel; but now I've drawn the educated conclusion : You are the Best jazz singer on the planet.. I call them as I see them. Thanks again, and please, keep up the excellant work. Peace Dave
Dave Williams
Atlanta, GA USA - 2009/09/13 05:32:23
I am the music advisor / artist liaison:JAZZ FESTIVALS/ FLORIDA,2010.Please send to me a press kit.Thank you,Bob
NEW PORT RICHEY,, FLORIDA USA - 2009/09/03 15:00:12
Hi Connie, You have done well for yourself. I always knew you would. The Alice school was a long time ago, yes? Take care. Michael
Michael Chubiz
Blaine, MN USA - 2009/08/25 17:59:03
Hi Connie! Again what a nice hompage! I hope all is well with you and your singing! My quartet have a gig at Hi-jazz in Uppsala the 26 of august It is a club very close to the railwaystation. The best jqazzy regards from Lars-Erik and his Quartet!
Lars-Erik Lidström
SE 74022 Bälinge, - 2009/07/18 15:16:21
You have a lovely voice, Ella and Torme would be proud. Your gypsy jazz vocals completely captivate us until all too soon the set is over and reluctantly we must go home still amazed at what we just heard.
Sharon Stephens
St. Paul, MN USA - 2009/07/04 16:15:31
Hi Connie, Bill kelsy's daughter here I just ordered a CD miss seeing you perform I will try and catch a performance soon! Lynn Votel (Taylor)
Lynn Votel
St paul, MN USA - 2009/06/16 20:00:32
I'll be in Excelsior from the 2nd through the 6th of July. Where, if at all, will you be appearing? A long-time fan, Dave
dave berk
coppell, tx USA - 2009/06/04 17:14:02
Hello Connie...I'm thrilled to see you are coming to Kansas City to perform at Jardine's Jazz Club in July. Would you like to be on my radio show again, on 90.1fm KKFI? Thanks Bill O'Connor
bill oconnor
kansas city, ks USA - 2009/06/02 11:00:32
Connie, Saw you tonight for the first time and it was love at first note. Please add me to your mailing list.
lynne dancha
bloomington, mn USA - 2009/04/18 23:34:29
Hi Connie, Just discovered you and went and bought both your CD's as well as the Frishberg songbook. Have been studying voice for about 9 months (this is the second time around) and i want to be a Connie E when my voice grows up! Please come to Atlanta or anywhere nearby. I will come! You are awesome!
Beatriz Golden-Hayes
Atlanta, GA USA - 2009/03/27 08:29:02
Hi Connie: Welcome back to Seattle! Thoroughly enjoyed you and Pearl Django last night (March 4th) at Jazz Alley. You continue to be our favorite vocalist and all of our friends and co-workers with whom we share your music become instant fans. We have all your CDs, but my wife picked up 2 more after your set to give to her friends. Alas, you signed them both...but even more of a cherished gift to give so that we can share your music and talent., I wasn't the one in the crowd shouting "Encore!" over and over again...but we all certainly felt that way, and you graced us with 2 additional songs at the end. Can't wait for your next trip out this way. We all love you! ps. Any chance you and Mary Louise Knudson may collaborate on a future CD? - Chris & Midori
Chris Ichikawa
Seattle, WA USA - 2009/03/05 21:03:58
I love your songs so much that i featured you on YouTube with "Got To Get You Into My Life ! Come to Los Angeles and lets stir up the Jazz world!
Ramon Bautista
Upland, CA USA - 2009/01/25 14:33:51
I have all your CD. Come to Japan.
Yoichiro Tani
sapporo, hokkaidou JAPAN - 2009/01/19 05:52:03
I discovered you through JAZZIZ. Your song "Eastwood Lane" is one their new compiation CD. I was amazed by your voice. Now I'm going to get a few of your CDs. Hopefully sometime you'll take a tour through the Detroit area. I'd love to experience you live. ps The church I attend is just starting a Jazz Vespers service once a month. If you're ever in this area and you need/want a gig on a Sunday evening, let me know. Blessings.
Mark Clark
Brownstown, Mi USA - 2009/01/16 07:20:34
Come to the west coast!!
Seattle, WA USA - 2009/01/13 11:39:04
Why did it take me so long to discover such a great talent? Will we see and hear you soon at the Montreal Jazz Festival? I truly believe all Canadian Jazz lovers would love that ! Good luck with you career ! Pierre
Pierre Marcotte
St-Bruno, QC Canada - 2008/12/08 14:45:34
Hey Connie - I checked your calendar to see if you would be performing while we are in Mpls. (Dec. 27-30) Sorry to see that you won't be while we are there....but glad you have time off for the holidays! Maybe next time! Hope all is well with you. Becky
Becky 'Bridges' Spivack
Drexel Hill, pa USA - 2008/12/06 11:33:41
Greetings Connie, For some reason artists with great voices are hard to find. In order to find these artists one must look high and low...I'm glad I found your voice. Keep on singing for all of us who enjoy good music. Cheers, Brian Graening Tulsa, OK
brian graening
tulsa, OK United States - 2008/12/01 22:53:05
Hi Connie. It was a pleasure to listen to you at the Dakota Jazz Club last night. Thanks for a great experience!
Danny Farne
USA - 2008/11/18 19:48:16
Hi Connie My boss forced me to listen to WMOT out of Murfreesboro, TN. I was surprised I like jazz. Discovering you was a bonus! WMOT played many of the songs from your Little Did I Dream CD. I found myself humming the songs constantly. Finally I bought your CD and it's become my favorite! You GO girl! Pam Miller Nashville TN
Pam Miller
Nashville, TN USA - 2008/11/06 18:05:54
I first heard a review of your "Gypsy in my Soul" album on NPR just as it came out and was delighted to see you at the Jazz alley in Seattle this year. I just love your music and "Gypsy" is my all time favorite CD.Thank you for the gift of your music. I would love to attend a concert in Seattle or Vancouver, BC., Canada.
Azim Walli
Kirkland, WA USA - 2008/10/04 16:12:46
Connie, I was a "student" during your visit with Joan Griffith at St. Thomas on Sept. 24. You sang a beautiful song that I vaguely recall had the word "Gypsy" in the title. I think you introduced it with a brief comment about Gypsy Boots. I don't think it was "Gypsy in my Soul." Can you recall what you sang and let me know if you have recorded it? I checked your CD playlist and did not see anything (other than "Gypsy in my Soul") with "Gypsy" in the title. Thanks.
Ed Shinbach
USA - 2008/10/02 10:20:44
I was listing to 97.5 in rodchester,mn the other day and htey played a song by you I think,something about I have a anesthesia in my fist,My wrist can twist something like that can you help me with the name of it.
doug anderson
burnsville, mn USA - 2008/09/30 23:30:41
Connie; I had the group of twelve, sitting behind you at the Artist Quarters, Sunday Evening. Your performance was nothing less that spectacular. Shelley Plaster Jwanouskos, one of my four daughters, sent me your web site, so we may attend some of your performances. Bob
Bob Plaster
St. Paul, MN USA - 2008/09/30 09:38:10
i just love your voice... wish ya would sing at half time at the super bowl, instead of all the punk junk.. actually you could come & stay w/us as long as you sing all day & night. lol... take care kiddo... Ron
Ron Heaton
USA - 2008/08/12 13:21:37
Hi Connie, WMOT in Nashville is playing I Can't Take You Nowhere. I rarely buy CDs just because I heard a cut on the radio, but I'm going to Amazon right now and get Little Did I Dream. Great job. Kudos to all. It swings like crazy. Bob Mater
Bob Mater
USA - 2008/07/26 11:11:49
Hi Connie: We are long time hosts on jazz radio shows and have played several cuts over the years from your "Some Cats Know" and "Stockholm Sweetnin" CDs. We always get compliments for playing your material. Just wanted to let you know, it's nice having you in our jazz vocalist rotation. Keep the great stuff coming. Gano and Beverly Evans, Co-hosts "Two4Jazz" on Tucson Jazz Radio
Gano and Beverly Evans
Wilmington, NC USA - 2008/07/25 16:28:27
How exciting to see that you'll be in Omaha this week and that I'll have the chance to see you closer to home and sooner than going to Minnesota in late August/early September. I've acquired all your recordings but the latest which is in the mail as I write. I very much enjoy your style and am excited to see you live. Very much looking forward to Thursday in Omaha...
Randy Erhart
Shenandoah, IA USA - 2008/07/20 17:52:00
Hi Connie. I saw you sing with Moore by Four back in the late 80's or early 90's at a Twins Fest. Probably 1990. Then saw you again with Moore by Four at Interchange Tower where I used to work in Golden Valley. I absolutely loved the sound. I am a huge Django fan, and loved you on Gypsy in my Soul and Let It Be Jazz. Fantastic sounds! Thank you for the music! I am just really getting into jazz, love Coltrane, Parker, Krall etc and have added your music to my collection. Jim
Jim Busch
Loretto, MN USA - 2008/07/01 22:52:24
Connie: Saw you with Pearl Django on Whidbey Island - a lucky break to find a new(to me) and superb vocalist. We went to hear Pearl Django and had the immense pleasure of hearing YOU. Bought your new Swedish CD and believe that you out-scatted the great Ella on your interpretation of It's Alright With Me. Your harmony with the guitar was amazing! Come back to the Island SOON! Lee and Melanie Coupeville, WA
Coupeville, WA USA - 2008/06/28 13:48:01
Connie - I got the pics of you and Matthew. ...How time flies. just catching up again... Keep playing and singing on... JS
Jeff Sund
Galloway, NJ USA - 2008/06/10 20:44:12
Hi connie I found you through a great friends of mine ,I didn't know you , I'm a musician , a saxophone player and I found you music very cool and interesting , so why don't you come down here , we will appreciate your style, there are so many Jazz festival in Italy , check it out . Gizio.
Gino d'Ignazio "gizio"
Palinuro , Italy, Italy Italy - 2008/05/29 13:53:03
Dear Connie, How I must agree with Paul from smiling Somerset. I heard the same show on BBC on Sunday evening and your "Lullaby of the Leaves" was "our kind of music"! I see you have been to England on a private function. When are you coming back so that we all can enjoy your!? We'd love to see -and hear - you. How about one of our Jazz Festivals? More, please! Tony
Tony Dowland
Winchester, Hampshire ENGLAND - 2008/05/09 07:38:20
Hi Connie. I was listening to 'Radio 2' here in England about 5 mins ago and they played your song 'Lullaby of the Leaves' and I loved it so much I decided to look you up. That was the first song i have heard of yours and I thought it was beautiful, I look foward to listening to more of your songs. Best wishes Paul x
Somerset, England - 2008/05/04 16:07:05
Connie! I love your new CD! Once again, I'm totally smitten by your smooth, delightful, subtly nuanced voice. Amazing! I was told that certain voices resonate with the hypothalamus in such way as to release endorphins---I think this is what happens when I hear you singing (although, I must admit, I'm clueless as to what a "hypothalamus" is!). PS: I tried following my wife around the house singing "Peel Me a Grape" thinking it would lead to some jazz-induced romantic encounter, but, unfortunately, it fell flat. Guess I'll leave singing to the pros!
Paul Hahn
USA - 2008/05/02 23:32:37
Connie: We thoroughly enjoyed your performance at the Jazz Alley in Seattle last night (April 30th) and we were honored to have had the opportunity to chat with you briefly after your first set. And thank you again, for autographing your latest CD for us. As with all your previous CDs, we love your music and look forward to your next engagement(s) here in the Seattle area. You're a wonderful artist and performer, and wish you even greater success and recognition in the future. You cannot begin to know how happy we both are to have finally experienced your beautiful voice in person and for providing us with wonderful music. Especially exciting for Midori was your singing Lullaby of the Leaves...her favorite. Sincerely, Chris & Midori
Chris & Midori Ichikawa
Seattle, WA USA - 2008/05/01 23:01:22
I have been hearing you on KPLU (Seattle). I heard your live on-air performance. Love you style of singing.
Jose Mena-Werth
Kearney, NE USA - 2008/04/30 21:16:36
Just heard Comes Love for the first time on Radioio.... please put me on the mailing list for your major UK tour (which you must do!)
LONDON, England - 2008/04/30 02:21:16
Would love to be included on your list for reviews of your work. Thanks! -- Doug Boynton
Doug Boynton
Fairfax, VA USA - 2008/04/06 09:51:49
Hi Connie, I was listening to the Jazz Radio on Rhapsody when your song, "Got To Get You Into My Life" came up and I was immediately smitten. Your smooth and clear voice captured my attention and I googled your name right away. To my delight, you are based in Minneapolis where I live! I plan to go to Dakota tomorrow to listen to you live. I am so looking forward to it! -Lydia
Minneapolis, MN USA - 2008/04/03 17:59:05
Yumpin Yemmie! Something hot out of a somewhat cold location. Great voice,great selections. So! Whats not to like?
Bob Slaney
Lost River, WV USA - 2008/03/22 09:21:12
Streaming my favorite jazz station, KKJZ out of Los Angeles, and I heard your "Peel Me a Grape," and heard that you've dedicated an entire album to the music of Dave Frishberg. Outstanding! I'm a big fan of the whole Frishberg/Blossom Dearie/Bob Dorough coterie and feel that they don't nearly get the attention they deserve.
Leo Salazar
Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2008/03/17 02:15:29
Dear Lady, You are one of the very best! I'm really looking forward to the release of your latest music. If someone could email me when it a go, that would be great; if not though, I'll check your web site. Thanks again for the wonderful sounds. PEACE, Dave
Dave Williams
Atlanta, Ga USA - 2008/03/03 15:38:55
i have admired you since I heard you at Leigh Kammen's birthday party at the Dakota, when Billy Taylor came to help Leigh celebrate.
Phyllis Buckwalter
USA - 2008/02/22 10:58:57
Estimada y admirada Connie: he decidido borrar de la memoria de mi PC tu maravillosa música, por el pedido que realizaras al Blog de Carlos de que te eliminaran de sus posteos. Creo que tienes razón, pero debes saber que en nuestra modesta ciudad no tenemos forma de hacernos de esta música que tanto nos gusta, y estos Blogs nos ayudan enormemente, trayéndonos cultura y arte que siempre nos fue tan lejana. Felicitaciones por tu fina profesión y tu trabajo impecable, ojalá con el tiempo recupere tu música entráñable. Saludos desde una pequeña ciudad del interior de Argentina.
Rio Cuarto, Cba Argentina - 2008/01/29 15:30:07
Connie, I had the opportunity to first see you perform at the San Jose Jazz festival in San Jose,California in August 2007. I knew nothing of you but your brief bio stated you were based in Minnesota, (which is where I grew up) so I elected to go to your performance. I am so glad I made that choice. I loved your performance and said to myself - a great performer from the midwest(with a sense of pride). Not only was your voice clear and beautiful ,but your stage presence was engaging and elegant. I hope to share my knowledge of you with my family and friends in Minnesota so they will have the opportunity to see you perform as well. And I hope I will have that opportunity again as well. Sincerely, Karen Ostrowski
Karen Ostrowski
Sunnyvale, CA USA - 2008/01/20 14:16:08
Connie, Please include me in your "Greatest Fan List". Heard you for the first time at a summer concert at Kennesaw State University.Kennesaw. GA I purchased (and you kindly autographed it), the CD "Let It Be Jazz" which I find awesome.Hope you come again to KSU this year.Also there is a really nice Jazz Festival in Jacksonville, FL, April 11-13.
Glenn Wicks
Woodstock, GA USA - 2008/01/08 13:04:20
Connie, Getting caught up with what's happening at Minnehaha Music. Thanks for your call. Happy Thanksgiving. I will catch up with you as soon as I complete the Tai Sophia Institute Feasibility Assessment.
Henry Young
Tampa, FL USA - 2007/11/22 11:24:06
I do hope you will be appearing somewhere in the Mpls area during the Thanksgiving holidays. I would love the oppurtunity to see you again.
Wilba Swearingen
New Orleans, ::LA USA - 2007/11/01 20:47:19
Nothing in Nov? No Dakota Jazz? hope you have some concerts as I am having a wonderful singer drain.
Mike Kangas
mpls, mn USA - 2007/10/31 21:03:25
Saw you and Mary Louise and your gang back in August at Kennesaw State---very impressed!!! I guess I am the guy who got 'ya all there in that MLK and I are graduates of Lawrence. Hope to see you guys back there in the future---the KSU people were also very impressed! And, besides the talent, you girls are gorgeous!!!
Dick Malsack
Crossville, TN USA - 2007/10/25 10:00:39
Please let me know when you are coming to Northern California. I would like to see a live performance,really enjoy tour voice.
Mark Withewrwax
Roseville, Ca USA - 2007/10/04 09:25:36
Hey Connie! Saw that you have a new CD out. Congratulations! I burned one of your CDs for my parents and they listen to it all of the time. (My mother is almost blind). Keep up the fantastic work! Hope all is well with you! Becky 'Bridges' Spivack
Becky Spivack
Drexel hill, Pa USA - 2007/09/29 15:52:50
Hi Connie, Thanks for coming to the San Jose Jazz Festival! Your performance met the high expectations I set after hearing you on our local jazz station and samples on the internet. I felt your heart and soul wash over us and your interpretations are wonderful. (Your heart even made it through my PC speakers.) Best of luck to you!
Tony Woo
SAN JOSE, CA USA - 2007/08/20 23:55:59
What a woman!!!. Connie girl you are my vocal hero! I can't wait to hear your new C.D. I still want to talk to you one day soon. Take care, you're the best... Kym
Kym Suzanne
Spooner, Wi USA - 2007/07/31 11:54:15
Hey Connie, was great to play with you the other evening at the wedding reception. I was the guitarist, and particularly enjoyed playing Anthropology and Route 66 with you. My compliments to you and hope to play again soon. Alex Hearn.
Alex Hearn
Billericay, ESSEX United Kingdom - 2007/06/30 11:04:12
Hi Connie- Thank you so much for making our reception at the Graves absolutely amazing! Your performance set the perfect mood for a classy, elegant and fun evening. Everyone loved your swanky, smooth music, and you definately have some new fans now :) The sax was a great suprise and we hope you had as much fun as we did. Cheers- Maria and Patrick Kelly
Maria Kelly
Miami, FL USA - 2007/06/24 18:48:37
Saw you at Live Oak in Santa Barbara this week end. WOW! The only thing is.....I think you had your dress on backwards ,-} Great performance. Thank you When are you comming to the Midland, Texas area? signed: Your best new fan. Bill
Bill DeLange
Midland, TX USA - 2007/06/18 13:16:00
Connie, it was so good to see you briefly at Creation a few weeks back. I took quite a long vacation apparently and though I so wanted to catch up with you. I had Japan and the Blue Note the following day. Drop me an e-mail. I would like that.
Glenn Swanson
MPLS, MN USA - 2007/06/14 16:31:46
Another superb performance Sunday!! I especially enjoyed the Beatle's tune in the last set. The bridge to Moondance was especially slick. Just another one of your numbers that I wish I could replay!! Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us! Rick
USA - 2007/05/29 15:10:36
I was at the concert last night at Dakota. WONDERFUL. You are a fantastic singer and very lovely to watch. Truly enjoyable. Been singing all day long. Enjoy your CD's in the car. Thanks!
Mike Kangas
USA - 2007/05/28 16:39:43
Connie, I have only recently discovered you and was blown away by your album "Let it be Jazz". While there is no doubt your voice is exceptional I also very much liked your taste in the arrangements and interpretations and the instrumental solos on those Lennon/McCartney songs. The album on the whole is simply brilliant. Keep singing - you make the world a better place!
Jai Kasthurirangan
Aurora, IL USA - 2007/05/17 10:53:41
Absolutley love your sound! Will catch your show tonight at Dakota Jazz Club.
Craig Hartneck
Mound, MN USA - 2007/04/23 08:50:59
Just heard you for the first time today on the Stockholm Sweetin' CD. I was knocked out with your singing and sense of the DJango kind of style of singing. I'm in process of moving from Singapore to New Orleans. Loved The Hot Club of Sweden and loved your perfect phrasing on the tunes of this CD. Didn't know whether or not you were Swedish or whatever. I'll be on the lookout for your other CDs. Regards, Byron Atkins
Byron Atkins
Texarkana, Tx USA - 2007/04/22 00:45:48
Hi, Connie! Hey, it's not Yoshi's in Oakland, but San Luis Obispo is close enough for a day trip. Hooray! Finally a chance to see you live! BTW, will you be doing anything around the Twin Cities around Memorial Weekend? I'm coming to WI for a nieces high school graduation, and was considering a trip to the Cities before flying home. Thanks for everything, Connie.
Stephen Ylvisaker
PLEASANT HILL, CA USA - 2007/04/17 10:52:45
Hi Connie.I'm a guitarist and writer.I discovered you on 'Pandora'internet site singing Autumn in Kokolla.I love your voice and the setting,it reminded me of 'Open Fire 2 Guitars' an LP from 60's of Johnny Mathis accompanied by Tony Mottola,Al Caiola and Milt Hinton on bass So I tracked your Cds to CD BABY site and got the Swedish one and Gypsy.That's a great idea singing the first 16 bars in a Minor Key,along with some Barry sisters improv.(am I right?) Anyway,I'll track your other Cds now.My daughter Jo Menzer also enjoyed the music.You can hear HER on myspace doing her version of Nuages.Keep doin' it! Best wishes Geoff Menzer
Geoff Menzer
Leeds, England - 2007/04/14 18:43:53
Hello, I first must admit that I am a fairly new member of the "We Love Connie Evingson and Would Actually Die For Her" fan club:) A friend of mines daughter works at the Blues Alley in Seattle and sent him your new alblum which he lent to me. I have been a fan of Dan Hicks since the early 70's which led me to explore Django R. and "hot club music" over the years. Imagine my delight, just a couple of months ago, in discovering such a beautiful voice supported by such great instrumentalist playing a style of music that I have grown to love so much over these past years. I have since bought several other alblums, all of which I not just enjoy but actually cherish. Then to further my delight I cruise your website to find that you will be at Blues Alley in DC on May 8th. I have tickets and will be there at the 10:00 show. I must add that Connie Evingson is one of the few if not only singer that can actually give me goose bumps and chills in a very nice way, just listening to her voice. Many thanks for being here and may life be oh so kind to you and yours. gbart
Gary Barton
Columbia, Md. USA - 2007/04/06 12:41:00
BYRON, MN 55920 USA - 2007/03/13 19:08:23
Connie, Your vocal talent is insane!!! I was one of the few (GRR) students that were at your show in Prairie du Chien. I was extremely impressed by both your style and impressive repetoire of good old-fashioned jazz. I'm officially addicted to listening to Gypsy in My Soul. I'm sorry about the rather underwhelming turnout at your performance. I really pity the people that decided not to come! Well, the next time you swing through southwestern Wisconsin, I'll drag my friends kicking and screaming so that they can enjoy the ear candy that is your voice! Sincerely, Kyle Picha
Kyle Picha <>
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 USA -
Love your music. "Blackbird" mesmerizes me. Any planned visits to Los Angeles to grace us with your incredible talent?
Bonnie Verdin <>
I saw and heard you for the first time in Michigan City last night performing with the Clearwater Hot Club. I've been a fan of the Django Reinhardt style jazz with the driving rhythm guitar. Your velvety voice on "Nuages" with the inspired solos on the lead guitar and clarinet made the song ever so haunting. I immediately bought two of your discs at the break. I was a bit disapointed that the backing on "Nuages" on the disc was not the same, but it's also a great rendition. I just discovered another great vocalist this last summer at the Elkhart Jazz Fest, Rebacca Kilgore. This has been my lucky year for discovering new talent. I wish your agent could book you at Elkhart. It is one of the top jazz fests in the country, and would give you exposer to many of the loyal jazz fans in the mid west.
John Krull <>
Lansing, IL 60438 USA -
I Love your Music, Thank You
Robert W. Lawrence <>
Lexington, KY 40504 USA -
What a voice. You should make an appearance on the Today Show. I happen to know the director. Best Luck
Joe Michaels <>
New Yor, NY 10112 USA -
Thanks for your all great records and the nice times in your concerts in Sweden this year. Many people have discovered you now here in Sweden. You are always very welcome to this country. Bosse
Bo Hansson <>
Connie: Sorry to say that I had not had the pleasure of hearing your music until this past week. While browsing around the jazz section of a local music shop, I noticed your latest CD release and scanned it to hear a few cuts. First impression - very nice (I'm a Diana Krall fan and enjoy the old standards you both have a knack for recreating these tunes). Then I saw your Let It Be Jazz CD and listened to it and was just blown away. Fantastic album, beautiful arrangements and your wonderful voice and style...great decision to include several "lesser known" Lennon/McCartney songs(For No One is unbelievable...Mary Louise Knutson is a terrific arranger and pianist). I bought both CDs on the spot and am now a fan of yours (my wife loves your music, too). Unfortunately this store didn't have any of your other CDs, but I'll be looking for them as well. I'm a huge smooth jazz fan and we have a decent FM radio station service the Pacific NW, however, I will chastise them for not playing your music and will encourage them to do so. I hope you will have Seattle on your schedule in the near future...maybe your agent could contact radio station KWJZ, as they promote or co-sponsor most of the jazz engagements here (Diana Krall, Etta James, Oscar Peterson, Boney James, Peter White, Chris Botti, etc.). We also have 2 great clubs: Jazz Alley and The Triple Door that your agent should look into as well as numerous formal venues (Benaroya Hall, Paramount, 5th Avenue). As you might guess...I'd like you to come to Seattle and I have no doubt that Seattle will welcome you with open arms. Looking forward to more music from you! Thanks, and the very best to you.
Chris Ichikawa <>
Seattle, WA 98125 USA -
Hi Connie! Thanks for "Gypsy in My Soul" We are enjoying it. When are you coming to Tucson? And Who will you be performing with? We are members of the Tucson Jazz Society. We'll gather up Duluthians to see you! Look forward to seeing you and hearing you. Karen and Len Griffith
karen & len griffith <>
Tucson, AZ 85750 USA -
Connie, I have just been introduced to your music really enjoy what you have done with the Lennon/McCartney material. Keep it up.
William McMillian <>
Boyne City, MI 49712 United States -
Connie, I have most if not all of your CDs. I am listening to Stockholm a lot now. I will be in MN next month and am wondering if I can coordinate with your shows. What are your October dates?
Becki Lenhart <>
Black Diamond, WA 98010 USA -
Hi Connie. I talked with you briefly in the parking lot at the Djangofest on Saturday. I'm the guy whose son (Tom Brosseau) often plays with Nickel Creek. Everyone in our family loves your music, especially the Peggy Lee numbers. Here's Tom's website, in case you're interested. I'd also like to send you a copy of Tom's latest CD, if you tell me where to send it. The Djangofest was a great idea. Here's hoping we see you at the next one too. Jim B.
Jim Brosseau <>
Hi Connie, My name is Brian Mello and I'm a flamenco guitarist with Boston's "El Arte Flamenco". I'm also a soloist. I heard one of your cds at my friend, Bob Boyer's music store,"Sunset Records" andn I loved it. One of my great friend, mentor and guitar instructor who introduced me to flamenco (Sadly he passed away last year) was a jazz guitarist that played the Django Reinhardt style. He, also the father of folk singer songwriter, Tom Pacheco of Woodstock,NY had met Django when he was in France during WWII. Having learned so much about Django from Tony Pacheco, over the years , Brought back memories and I was amazed by your awesome music. Keep up the great music. Also I wanted to let you know that Bob Boyer had some of your music played at BBC radio while he was in England. Good Luck and I hop[e to one day catch one of your performances. Brian
Brian Mello <>
New Bedford, MA 02740 USA -
Hi Connie, I just read the article the Mpls St. Paul magazine did on you. You've come a long way since our days on Lake Eshquagama. I wish you continued success. Jeff
Jeff Celusta <>
Eagan, mn USA -
I've been hearing your music on 88.1 in Long Beach, CA. Love the sound. Can't wait to get the CDs =D
Christof Muñoz <>
Connie, We had a wonderful evening at Eshquagama CC and loved your performance. It was so good to see you after all these years. Loved the "Let it Be Jazz" CD and we will be purchasing your others! What a talent you have! Marsha and Rick Ness
Marsha Callahan-Ness <>
Duluth, MN 55811 USA -
My husband and I heard "Swingin' the Blues on NPR a couple of weeks ago, Tracked you down through New World Records on the Elmwood Strip. Today we drove across New York to Williamstown, MA listening to Stockholm Sweetnin' . Can't wait to get back to Buff to buy some more CD's. Hope you are coming our way soon for a live appearance. Let us know. Our guest room is great.
Kathaleen Burke <>
Buffalo, NY 14222 USA -
DUUUHHH! I meant Django Reinhardt not Stephan Grapelli in my post last week. Oh well, I just got the Stockholm Sweetnin' CD and not only did I love, but my wife did also - and she's NOT a JAZZ Fan!
Mark Cronin <>
Sierra Madre, CA 91024 USA -
Connie - I just heard a tune from your new Stockhlem Sweetnin CD on KJAZ here in LA - OH MY GOD! What a Great Sound. I think Stephan Grapelli would be envious of the Hot Club of Sweden
Mark Cronin <>
Sierra Madre, CA 91024 USA -
Hi Connie Just got the Stockholm CD and its another winner,Thanks for the tunes
Scott <>
midlothian, va 23112 USA -
Kokkola look forward to see you on stage end of August. You are very agreeable guest. Welcome!!!
Hannu Salo, eventmanager <>
Kokkola, 67100 Finland -
It was great seeing you at Hot Summer Jazz. Sorry your performance was cut short -- I was really looking forward to hearing your duet with Debbie Duncan. I've been listening to Stockholm Sweetnin' constantly since that night -- even though I'm supposed to be listening to my Spanish language CDs. At least I now know how to ask for kisses in Spanish, thanks to your CD! Your music always makes me happy, THANKS.
Todd Rannow <>
St. Paul, MN USA -
I am a fan of you and I have all of your CD. I missed to see your live in Japan last time. When will you come to Japan ? When Osaka ?
Hideo Nishioka <>
Toyonaka, Osaka 561-0851 Japan -
I think your May calendar appeared on 5/14 or 5/15. My wife and I would love to come see you. Is there any way to post your gigs sooner. Thanks.
Frank Queen <>
Kansas City, KS 66104 USA -
Just acquired my copy of Gypsy in My Soul. I've acquiered a new favorite vocalist!! If you ever play Cleveland, please let me know.
Doug Replogle <>
Columbia Station, OH 44028 USA -
Truly one the the all time great female jazz singers. I hope you increasingly get the acclaim you deserve.
Paul Berendsohn <>
New Haven, CT 06511 USA -
Connie, I love your music, the styling, the voice, the lyrics. You REALLY need to do a gig in the San Francisco Bay Area, preferably at Yoshi's, perhaps with the Hot Club of San Francisco. You should coordinate it with KCSM so you get interviewed on the air. You know you already have a lot of fans in the Bay Area. Thanks for the music!
Stephen Ylvisaker <>
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 USA -
Hi Connie, I’m a collector of autographs. I have more than 1.850 authentic autographs of politicians, sportsmen, artists and authors from around the world. Therefore, I would ask you if you would be so kind to send me an autograph of you. I will be very delighted to got your autograph in my personal collection. Anyway, thank you very much, and may God bless you and your family. With warm greetings from Belgium, Freddy Haeck Lusthoflaan 107 9030 Mariakerke Belgium
freddy <>
Mariakerke - Belgium, be 9030 belgium -
Connie, I loved your gypsy jazz music. Please do some more events around the twin cities to expose more people to that style of music and to your wonderful vocal talent. I just can't get enough of it!
David Carlson <>
Maple Grove, MN 55369 USA -
Hi Connie I just recieved the Gypsy cd and it is great.You have a beautiful voice.I hope you can some more work in that style.Is there any chance you will be on the east coast? I would love to catch a show. Best wishes Scott
Scott <>
Midlothian, Va 23112 USA -
Always good to see you. I have given your name to the Omaha Jazz Festival committee. Hope to see you there.
Fred Bursch <>
Alexandria, MN 56308 USA -
My husband and I have recently discovered your music. Missed you at the Triple Door in October (great venue!). When will you be returning to Seattle?
Brenda Pollock <>
Des Moines, WA 98198 USA -
My wife and I caught your show at the Donaldson in Fargo, ND. We had a wonder time and enjoyed your music. Thanks for coming to Fargo and sharing your talent.
Todd Strube <>
Fergus Falls, MN 56537 USA -
Connie- You are a beautiful person and artist. A real thrill to work with you in Minneapolis and recently in Uppsala. Looking forward to future joint work. Torbjörn,Uppsala Swing Time Sextett.
Torbjörn Wikner <>
- Sunday, February 12, 2006 at 05:59:40 (EST)
Connie - I am looking forward to hearing you at the Dakota tonight. My wife and 25-year-old son (a graduate of the School of Music at Northwestern University) will be joining me. I am your third cousin: your great-grandmother Kjersti was the sister of my great-grandfather Egbert.
David Black <>
Falcon Heights, MN USA - Friday, February 10, 2006 at 11:39:27 (EST)
Hi.We hope you had a good trip back to Minneapolis. Thanks for a wonderful konsert at Uppsala Jazzclub. All yours with love IngaBritt & Olle
IngaBritt& Olle Söderman <>
Uppsala, 75332 Sweden USA - Monday, February 06, 2006 at 15:33:45 (EST)
Your performance at Winter Swing Festival in Uppsala was really great. You are an incredible artist! Congratulations on the success. Do come back to Tokyo and Vienna as well.
Japan - Tuesday, January 31, 2006 at 07:52:14 (EST)
A wonderful performance at the Winter Swing festival in Uppsala, Sweden. Do come back soon.
Anders Lindh <>
Skokloster, SE-746 96 Sweden - Sunday, January 29, 2006 at 10:11:45 (EST)
LOVED the Winter Swing performance in Uppsala Sweden!
Jazz Fan
Sweden - Saturday, January 28, 2006 at 20:24:28 (EST)
Hi Connie, I heard you last night at the Sheraton in Bloomington. I kept trying to figure out who you reminded me of and when I came home, I figured it out. I have your Christmas cd. What a treat to hear you in person! Thanks so much for the amazing performance. Best wishes, Karla Cole
Karla Cole <>
St. Paul, MN 55113 USA - Friday, January 20, 2006 at 19:43:47 (EST)
A wonderful and fantastic voice. Thanks for your music.I hope to see it in Spain
Salvador Verger <>
Xativa, Spain - Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 09:21:23 (EST)
My wife and I have enjoyed watching you blossom into a top flight jazz soloist since your days with Moore by Four. Recently I was hospitalized for 4 months and I played several of your CD's: the Peggy Lee tribute and the Some Cats Know CD. The music lifted the spirits of the nurses, nursing assistants and other patients! Your Secret of Christmas CD continues to be a favorite and we delighted many friends by giving it as a gift these past three years. Keep on singing and exploring new areas! We love the way you meld into so many different musical traditions. Michael and Eileen
Michael Degnan <>
St. Paul, MN 55104 USA - Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 00:19:07 (EST)
Connie, Having heard and been very impressed with your "Gypsie" album I would like to mention that should you ever have thoughts of incorporating the sound of the piano into your ensemble that I be contacted. When I heard the "Samba-izing" of Nature Boy I felt a kindred spiritedness to your musical conception as I do so frequently to many such tunes in my own succesful piano career. Should the prospect of this unsolicited suggestion resonate with you at all, I can provide an extensive resume of very substantial accomplishments, too much for this brief correspondence and though this letter is on the surface self-serving, rest assured that I would not make this overture if I did not think that I would be an asset to your music. Thanks for the melodies, Rod
Rod Keiser <>
Bradenton, Fl 34208 USA - Wednesday, December 21, 2005 at 13:03:58 (EST)
Connie – I heard ‘Lullaby of the Leaves’ on KCSM on the West Coast, and I immediately ordered the CD. It is a world class recording, and there is nothing else out there quite like it. I have most of your French lyrics to ‘Avril à Paris’, but not all. J'admets à pleurer un peu. Rad Randall
Rad Randall <>
san francisco, ca 94109 USA - Monday, December 12, 2005 at 23:55:16 (EST)
Connie, my wife Julie and I had the good fortune of catching your gig with the TC7 Thanksgiving weekend. We both felt this was a wonderful show that we hope you, Doug and Band find an opportunity to perform again in the future.
Brent Bauer <>
St. Paul, MN 55105 USA - Monday, December 05, 2005 at 21:51:04 (EST)
Hello Connie. You was great at Dakota Jazzclub 23-24 sept. whith our sextet Swing Time.I welcome you to Sweden and Uppsala in januari 2006! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! IngaBritt Soderman Uppsala JazzClub Sweden
IngaBritt Soderman <>
Uppsala, 75332 Sweden - Sunday, December 04, 2005 at 15:49:54 (EST)
BETHEL, CT 06801 USA - Monday, November 21, 2005 at 18:48:12 (EST)
Connie: Today I'm sending you a check for a" Gypsy in my Soul" cd. I hear your singing on the local college station KCSM (91.1 FM) . They are on the web; they are all jazz, no commercials, in San Mateo, CA. I'm also a fan of LeJazz Hot (HCSF). If I could see you in a gig with that group (or on a CD) I'd be in heaven, as would many other afficianados.
John Tyler <>
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019-0335 USA - Wednesday, November 02, 2005 at 10:49:43 (EST)
Hi Connie, Thanks for the link. Great site. Hope to catch up with you after your Tokyo trip! mb
Mary Beth Hachiya <>
USA - Wednesday, October 26, 2005 at 21:28:33 (EDT)
Connie, I heard your "Until" on KPLU and wrote to have an autographed copy of the CD. I haven't heard anything that so attracted me in years, and I've been listening to jazz since 1959! Thanks for the edxperience. I'd l;ike to know if you are ever in the Chicago/Milwaukee area. Thanks.
Bill Frantz <>
Delavan, WI 53115 USA - Sunday, October 23, 2005 at 11:46:18 (EDT)
Hi, Connie, My wife, daughter and I heard you at the Dakota September 23 and you were out of this world! We attended a concert at Iowa State University in Ames, Ia in early September by The Hot Club of San Francisco. Also outstanding. I am going to contact Iowa State University and request them try to book you and the Clearwater ot Club for their Fine Arts Series for the fall 2006-spring 2007 series. I hope it can be done! You are as talented as any nationally known jazz singer I have ever heard. Would appreciate knowing future appearances in the Twin Cities area.
tom kierski <>
fort dodge, ia 50501 USA - Wednesday, October 05, 2005 at 15:33:05 (EDT)
Hi Connie, I'm so looking forward to hearing you at the Triple Door tonight. I've been listening to Gypsy Soul over and over. Its wonderfully uplifting. Thank you for giving Django's music such great life in the 21st century! Please make more albums Aaron (
Aaron Silverberg <>
Seattle, WA 98115 USA - Tuesday, October 04, 2005 at 15:01:25 (EDT)
Hi Connie, I am trying to hook up as many of my fellow russians, playing your cd on my parties. Your voice is perfect for gypsy-derived musical styles - flamenco, fado or russian classical romance.I lived with your cd the whole year - drove, ate, walked and slept with that...Look forward to new cds, and thank you so much!
Detroit, MI USA - Monday, August 29, 2005 at 21:13:21 (EDT)
you were just great ! I was visiting my daughter and went to dakotas one night. ( can:t stay away from dakotas or listening to you! I have some friends that are musicians and had to lend the c.ds. Come on out to the east coast. I will see you next time in minneapolis thanks
steve dunham <>
e. bridgewater, ma 02333 USA - Friday, August 12, 2005 at 21:00:03 (EDT)
Absolutely great, amazing, show and preformance by you in Seattle last night. Your voice is sensational! The gypsy background was terrific and the respect you all showed one another was pure pleasure to watch. Hope you return very soon!............ Jack
Jack Wurn <>
Bothell, wa 98011 USA - Tuesday, July 26, 2005 at 18:28:56 (EDT)
Connie!!!! I heard you with the CHC Band the other morning on the way to work here in the LA area, and was amazed! When are you coming out west so the West Coast can be treated to such an amazing talent??? Kevin
Kevin <>
Santa Ana, CA 92706 USA - Monday, July 18, 2005 at 04:55:40 (EDT)
Heard you for the first time this a.m., the 4th of July, on KCSM, the Bay Area's jazz station. Feel liberated.
Iris Crider <>
USA - Monday, July 04, 2005 at 13:23:29 (EDT)
Last week some lout smashed out the window to my car and stole my car stereo. I was upset. Then I realized that in the CD player was your Tribute to Peggy Lee. Now I'm really upset. A window and a stereo can be replaced but your voice is "PRICELESS"!!!!! I hope the lout has the good taste to keep the CD when he pawns my stereo!
Steve Cherne <>
Duluth, MN 55804 USA - Monday, June 27, 2005 at 20:29:19 (EDT)
Connie, What a marvelous experience! Jazz doesn'st get any better than the duet performance with Tim Sparks that we enjoyed at the Center for the Arts in Fergus Falls on Thursday eve. We loved your new CD with many of our favorite charts. Bravo, Bravo. Keep on keeping on.
Dick & Renee Lindahl <>
Fergus Falls, MN 56537 USA - Friday, June 24, 2005 at 18:27:59 (EDT)
Loved the Gypsy CD so much I'm buying a second one!
Phil Rogers <>
Liberty, MO 64068 USA - Tuesday, June 14, 2005 at 12:15:07 (EDT)
Ms Evingson, recently discovered your work after hearing a recording of "Until" on Jim Wilke's Jazz After Hours program then purchasing this and another CD (Beatles). Your voice and interpretations make me happy. Thank you.
Russell Noblett <>
Roanoke, VA 24018 USA - Sunday, June 12, 2005 at 21:06:58 (EDT)
How lucky I feel to make the recent discovery of your wonderful talent. The afternoon was already perfect, then improved immeasureabley with an infusion of Django's Nuages on the car radio and a brilliant and original renditon from a mysterious new voice. Thank you for the wonderful sensation. I wish you every success.
Robert Espinosa <>
Henderson, NV 89074 USA - Sunday, June 12, 2005 at 01:12:20 (EDT)
Hey, Connie. I stumbled upon a copy of "Let It Be Jazz" in the Borders here in Albany, NY. I have to admit (never having heard of you) I hesitated, and went on-line to do some research and sample some clips. I really liked what I heard, but when I went back to look for it, it was gone! I wound up spending a weekend in Boston looking for your CD, but unable to find it anywhere. I ended up getting it from CD Universe. Anyway, I'm listening to it right now and really enjoying it. As a lifelong Beatles-fan (as well as a jazz fan) I know how hard it is to do anything new with the Fab Four's music. You did a fabulous job, and I'm looking forward to hearing your other albums. Cheers!
Alexander Stern <>
Albany, NY USA - Friday, May 27, 2005 at 22:24:13 (EDT)
Hi Connie Enjoying your wonderful new CD. My mother sent me the recent article in the St. Paul paper. She remembers you from a cc ski trip to Wisc. years ago. I have tried to see you in concert many times, usually you are sold out, that's good; I'll keep trying. Just looking through your emails, you have obviously brought a enjoyment to many people. Take care. Roger Heironimus
Roger Heironimus <>
Woodbury, MN 55125 USA - Monday, May 23, 2005 at 15:50:43 (EDT)
Connie, Well you certainly have fans from everywhere everywhere. I've come to find you from the KLBB radio here in the Twin Cities. When I heard the version of Nature Boy from the new disc I said, "I have to have her!" I'm enjoying the disc currently on this Friday morning! Have a fun, glorious and blessed day! - the Wildman
Wild Wilson <>
Richfield, mn 55423 USA - Friday, May 20, 2005 at 05:28:42 (EDT)
Connie, Looking forward to a update on your gigs for May. I have some friends coming to town and would like to see your performances. Thanks, Jim
Jim Kellison <>
USA - Tuesday, May 03, 2005 at 21:42:25 (EDT)
Connie, Just wondering when you are going to update your calendar on your website? That way I can plan to come to Minneapolis this summer and hear you perform again.
James Miller <>
Madison, SD 57042 USA - Monday, May 02, 2005 at 15:31:46 (EDT)
I will be in Minneapolis 7/5-9. Will you be performing there during that time? I want to introduce my son who lives there to your music.
Becki Lenhart <>
USA - Wednesday, April 27, 2005 at 10:42:26 (EDT)
I enjoy your singing with Pearl Django. When will you be preforming again with them in Seattle? And how can I get tickets?
James Sanders <>
Seattle, WA 98122 USA - Saturday, April 09, 2005 at 23:05:10 (EDT)
JoAnne and I loved your concert in Sioux Falls SD!!! We hope to see you again soon. We get to Mpls every so often and will check your wb site to see if you are performing. Thank again for the wonderfull music.
Milan & JoAnne Kruse <>
Brookings, SD 57006-4532 USA - Saturday, April 02, 2005 at 17:45:29 (EST)
I heard some of your songs on KKFI here in Kansas City yesterday, and loved them! Will be looking for the CD today!
Phip <>
Liberty, MO 64068 USA - Tuesday, March 29, 2005 at 09:38:26 (EST)
Darryl Warner <>
Rockaway Beach, NY 11693-1498 USA - Wednesday, March 23, 2005 at 01:59:43 (EST)
I will be featuring Gypsy in My Soul on Jazz River, KKFI-FM, Kansas City's 100,000-watt community radio station wtih more jazz than any station in this market. Kansas City is the legendary beginning city for Count Basie, Lester Young, Charley Parker, Chris Connor, Karrin Allyson and more on their way to the big time. If you are near, come do Jazz River with me. I love your music on Gypsy, my first listen, and I want more. So will my listeners on Jazz River. Kansas City, why not? John Hall Jazz River KKFI 90.1FM Kansas City
John Hall <>
Kansas City, MO 64105-1434 USA - Monday, March 21, 2005 at 19:05:57 (EST)
Just a short note to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed your concert in Sioux Falls on the 18th of March. It was well worth the trudge through the snow. We hope to see you again soon. We go to Hibbing as we have friends there. We usually stop at Zimmies Restaurant. Hopefully someone will open a restaurant with your name as I believe you are in a class with Mr. Zimmerman. Best Wishes.
Bob Fleming <>
Sioux Falls, SD 57105 USA - Monday, March 21, 2005 at 13:36:57 (EST)
Connie, Thank you again for a wonderful performance at the Orpheum in Sioux Falls on the 18th. Your phrasing, style, and musical soul are beyond compare. Although your pianist and reed player were certainly supportive, if you would have performed acappela, I would have still loved it. I wish you the best in your career. I hope to see and hear you again soon.
James R. Miller <>
Madison, SD 57042 USA - Monday, March 21, 2005 at 10:37:57 (EST)
Connie---Just want to say how utterly impressed my wife and I were with your show at the Cedar Cultural Center. Bought a couple of your CD's, and your "Gypsy In My Soul" CD is nothing short of superb. My wife, who heretofor didn't really care for jazz, loves it. She'll even put it on before the usual fare of country music! (Thank you!) At any rate, I think its criminal your name is not a household word. We'll do our best to remedy that! Peace and Kindness, Paul (the airport mandolin guy)
Paul Hahn <>
Richfield, MN 55423 USA - Saturday, March 19, 2005 at 22:13:01 (EST)
loved your sioux falls concert. absolutely great. bought a couple of your cd. wonderful performance
leonard gutnik <>
sioux falls, sd 57105 USA - Saturday, March 19, 2005 at 16:11:48 (EST)
Dear Connie; Heard your song "Nature Boy" on KPLU radio in Tacoma, WA. I emailed the station the next day, hoping somebody would know who I was talking about, with a minimum of info. The music director (Abe Beeson) knew you were the one. Your voice knocks me out. Been a very long time since I've heard vocals as original as yours. Please let me know when you might come to Seattle to do a show, I want front row seats. Your new fan for life, Lyle
Lyle Makemson <>
Snohomish, WA 98291-0183 USA - Friday, March 18, 2005 at 12:34:03 (EST)
Dear Connie, I am a homemaker sitting at my computer ordering your new album "Gypsy In My Soul". Your life is so different than mine and it amazes me how much you come into my home and give me so much enjoyment. The talent to sing like you do is so special, I can live through you. I have followed you and "Moore By Four" for many years at concerts and clubs and you never cease to amaze me with your special gift of song. You are a beautiful woman, I only hope for you the best in your life. always, Shorewood, Minnesota
Gayle Eisert <>
Shorewood, MN 55331 USA hennepin - Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 01:35:59 (EST)
I heard one of your songs on the radio and really liked your voice and sense of swing. I knew I wanted to hear more and the Django-like guitar solo convinced me to buy your album "Gypsy In My Soul" immediately. I'm going to send for it from Minnehaha tomorrow morning. I know I'll enjoy it. I know looks don't really matter when it comes to having great talent but you look pretty good anyway; even better than Diana Krall! Thanks for the music.
Langston Hough <>
Spring Valley, CA 91977 USA - Sunday, March 13, 2005 at 21:32:35 (EST)
Connie, nice website. looks like your staying busy. Nice reviews on your new record too. Hope to hear from you. jeff
jeff jimenez <>
albert lea, mn 56007 USA - Monday, March 07, 2005 at 00:17:53 (EST)
My thanks for the splendid show Saturday (Feb. 12) at the Dakota with the Parisota Hot Club. The band, material and yourself all seemed to be right for each other. I hope you do it again.
Steve Chesney <>
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443 United States - Monday, February 14, 2005 at 13:55:33 (EST)
Connie, I have just discovered you and your recordings. I am particularly delighted to learn that you not only recorded "Gypsy in My Soul," but that you made it the title song of your new album. My father, Moe Jaffe, was the lyricist; his college friend, Clay Boland, wrote the music. It is my favorite of my father's songs. I listened to your version, and I found it new and exciting. I am about to purchase a copy of the CD. Thanks and best wishes!
Ann Jaffe Pace <>
Kansas City, MO 64113 USA - Saturday, February 12, 2005 at 15:58:21 (EST)
Connie, Walked by your place at Eshquagama and wondered how you were. Google is an amazing device! How wonderful to find you doing so well. Best, Kyle
kyle staver <>
brooklyn, ny 11217 USA - Friday, February 11, 2005 at 20:37:49 (EST)
Whow, I just receive your last cd "Gipsy". It's wonderful, it's pure happiness. You have a very beautiful voice. Your french is excellent. I have almost all your cd except de one on the Beatle. I wish you a long career Carole
Carole Tremblay <>
Jonquière, G7S 2L4 Canada - Thursday, February 10, 2005 at 08:20:29 (EST)
Just saw the article in the St. Paul Press. Have been following your career for years. Very PROUD of you. Another successful Eshqugama (not sure of spelling) graduate....Will be ordering some music on line. Pasty has a picture of your legs in the cabin at Pelican. Outstanding. Keep it up, sorry I missed the Peggy Lee tribute up here in the great north west. You go girl. Again, have fond memories of the past. With peace, and Love, stewart w. Virginia, Mn.
Stewart W <>
virginia, mn USA - Wednesday, February 09, 2005 at 19:23:59 (EST)
Connie, just got the email that you sent out about your new CD and as always will be buying one. I am here in Baghdad, Iraq and have you on my IPOD. The guys always ask who that is when I'm listening to you on my computer. Things here are a little hairy at times but with the friends I have and some good music the bad days go buy faster. Please say hi to Sandford and everyone for me. Miss you guys.. Brien
Brien Aho <>
Odenton, MD 21113 USA - Monday, February 07, 2005 at 11:46:37 (EST)
Dear Ms. Evingson, Wow! What a concert. We just returned from your concert at the Lakeville Arts Center, and it has to be one the best performances that we have attended in a very long time. I purchased your CD "Gypsy in my soul" at the concert and I am listening to it as I write, this is a CD that I would highly recommend, if this was I would give it 5 stars. We are looking forward to more of your concerts in the future. Larry and Carol Flory
Larry Flory <>
Lakeville, MN 55044 USA - Sunday, January 30, 2005 at 02:47:22 (EST)
Dear Miss Evingson, I rarely put pen to paper, but in this instance, I feel that congratulations are in order regarding you CD 'Gypsy In My Soul' The songs, your vocals and arrangements are first class. Maybe some day you will visit the U.K.
Michael J. McInery <>
Coventry, West Midlands CV4 9TE England - Tuesday, January 11, 2005 at 08:36:05 (EST)
I received your cd where you sing the beatles' music. I must say that the music is very very good but you sing those songs as they should be sung. Let me know when you are appearing in the twin city area again! Thank you!! Rick
ROCHESTER, MN 55902 USA - Thursday, January 06, 2005 at 16:26:48 (EST)
Caught your act this fall in Hastings, and purchased two of your CD's we have been enjoying since.
Becky <>
mn USA - Wednesday, January 05, 2005 at 21:26:57 (EST)
Hi Connie, I´ve discovered your website thanks to ( playlist of Dec.21 ) and I would like to give you my very best wishes for Christmas, New Years Eve and 2005! Best regards, Lutz P.S.If you would like to visit my website:
Lutz <>
Germany - Sunday, December 19, 2004 at 10:09:59 (EST)
I look forward to seeing you in person. When will you again be appearing in the Twin City area?
BYRON, MN 55920 USA - Tuesday, November 30, 2004 at 11:59:28 (EST)
Looking forward with great anticipation to you new project "Gypsy In My Soul" coming in November '04. Your arrangements are always tasty. Thank you for your informative contributions on the weekly "Singers and Standards" program on I have loaned out most of my "Moore By Four" CD's and formally request that you re-issue a box set of these early recordings. It is impossible to get your disks back from anyone that borrows them!
Mark Law <>
Clear Lake, SD 57226-0487 USA - Wednesday, November 03, 2004 at 13:29:13 (EST)
Wish I'd visited last week, Neil Anderson is a great person and musician. I rediscovered some of your promotional CDs from my now defunct syndicated program (Jazz At The Beach, PS Studios) and have put some in my internet site playlists ( I had forgotten how good your tribute to Peggy Lee is. Keep swingin', Bob ("Dr.Bob") Stockton Modern Jazz Classics Jacksonville, Fl.
Bob Stockton <>
Jacksonville, Fl 32225 USA - Monday, October 11, 2004 at 15:46:32 (EDT)
Connie, We had the privledge of seeing two of your recent performances in the Twin Cities: "The Heart of the Man" gig with T. Michael Rambo at the Fitz and the Friday evening show with Pearl Django at The Dakota. Both were immensely entertaining. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and good taste with us! Brent and Julie Bauer
Brent Bauer <>
St. Paul, MN 55105 USA - Monday, September 13, 2004 at 16:34:46 (EDT)
I cant wait till her next album. I have all thus far and it has been a while since the last. Unfortunitly I havent been working in MSP lately. I see she was recently at Dakotas. My favorite place to see her.
Jeff Jansen <>
Brunswick, OH 44212 USA - Tuesday, August 10, 2004 at 20:16:52 (EDT)
A W E S O M E ! ! !
Kris O. <>
rockford, IL. USA - Tuesday, July 27, 2004 at 16:54:02 (EDT)
I hope Connie Evingson could please us, lovers of good music, by recording some standards like Cole Porter and Gershwin. I think she has become a reference these days just for her voice, rythm and choices she has made in her repertoire. Besides that she's gathering a lot of a people that were blasée for the good news and futhermore changing ears and hearts. So be!
Robson Pereira Gonçalves <>
Santa Maria, RS 97070-340 Brazil - Monday, July 19, 2004 at 18:53:31 (EDT)
I think that Connie Evingson is a great singer. We´re entusiastic to know her albuns in Brazil.
Rogerio Ferrer Koff <>
Santa Maria, RS 97050-470 Brazil - Wednesday, July 07, 2004 at 16:56:16 (EDT)
I have become a big fan of Miss Evingson since I heard her last album, Let it be jazz and, of course, Some Cats Know. Indeed I think beyond the thrillings of her voice stays something magic in her music. I hope I can attend one her gig someday.
Robson Pereira Gonçalves <>
Santa Maria, RS, RS 97070-340 Brazil - Wednesday, July 07, 2004 at 16:50:26 (EDT)
I have become a big fan of Miss Evingson since I heard her last album, Let it be jazz and, of course, Some Cats Know. Indeed I think beyond the thrillings of her voice stays something magic in her music. I hope I can attend one her gig someday.
Robson Pereira Gonçalves <>
Santa Maria, RS, RS 97070-340 Brazil - Wednesday, July 07, 2004 at 16:50:24 (EDT)
I have heard of Connie in fringe ways and have always thought of her as another standard quality entertainer, but recently I have been wondering about voicework. I watched the Discovery sho Quintuplets and really liked the narration work! I was wondering if Connie also did voiceover work for any attractions at Epcot or Disney Theme parks.
Dan Galvin <>
Toledo, OH 43623-0066 United States - Saturday, June 19, 2004 at 17:40:36 (EDT)
Hello Connie, I work at Jazzbeat radio in Oakland, Ca and I just wanna say I love your cd! it is beautiful. My favorite is gotta get you into my life. It sounds better than Earth, Wind, and Fire's version!If you ever want to do an interview, please view the website and contact me!
Renee Russell <>
San Francisco, CA 94124 USA - Saturday, June 05, 2004 at 14:17:31 (EDT)
I first heard you at the MPR broadcast from the Hibbing High School last year- WOW! It was also a joy to hear you with Moore by Four in Virginia on April 22th. You guys were stellar. You have a new fan.(I bought all of your CD's Go get'em Range girl! -Bill Maras
Bill Maras <>
Keewatin, MN 55753 USA - Wednesday, April 28, 2004 at 07:44:37 (EDT)
Connie: Thanks for the hours of PURE listening enjoyment. Your arrangements thrill, amuse, excite and just plain pleasure the senses. If someone gets me down all I have to do is pop in one of your CDs and the world is back in focus. Let me know where you're at this summer and I will be sure to catch you on my tour of the northland. All the best from GATOR Country. .....dan
Dan Dickrell <>
Gainesville, FL 32635 USA - Tuesday, April 20, 2004 at 22:45:28 (EDT)
Hello Connie Could I please have a copy of your latest CD LET IT BE JAZZ. I have a music programme at the aboe BBC Radio Station in Liverpool. Thanks in anticipation Maureen
Maureen Walsh <>
Liverpool, L1 3BP England - Monday, March 15, 2004 at 11:11:59 (EST)
Connie, Thrilled again, catching up with your new Let It Be Jazz and The Secret of Christmas. Brava. Also delighted with all the photos from Natasha D'Schommer. Two hours flew by on Tuesday, wish I had my old venue's to present you in. Henry
Henry Young <>
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 USA - Thursday, February 05, 2004 at 09:09:39 (EST)
Connie has a very distinctive voice and style, which makes her very enjoyable to listen to. From the zip code for minnehaha music it's located in my old neighborhood in south Minneapolis. Has Connie considered doing a CD with Lorie Line. I know their styles are quite different but I think it sound very good. John Schlesinger
John Schlesinger <>
St. Louis Park, MN 55426 USA - Sunday, February 29, 2004 at 00:12:10 (EST)
Connie, although I haven't known you long from what I've heard and read I think you're an amazing woman, and incredibly beautiful. I'm a Live Sound student at Musictech College and had the pleasure of mixing for you last week during your visit. I didn't get a chance to talk with and I wanted to tell you that if you ever have a need for a good sound engineer I'd love to work with you. Best regards Steve
Steve Lotzer <>
Plymouth, MN 55442 USA - Tuesday, February 03, 2004 at 23:36:03 (EST)
Dear Connie Evingson: My friend and I saw you at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids, MN, Jan. 17, 2004, mostly because of our love and admiration for Miss Peggy Lee! We were so very impressed with your voice... and your song styling of Peggy's songs and that you wove into this concert a brief narrative history of Peggy's life also. It was a wonderful concert and tribute to this ultra fine singer and in that, it was a terrific introduction to us of your excellent voice. We are presently enjoying your CDs along with Peggy Lee's.... Thank you for the pleasurable concert on such a cold Minnesota evening. It truly warmed us up! Thanks again, Barb Koivisto, Debra Leppanen Rosemount, MN
Barb Koivisto <>
Nashwauk, MN 55769 USA - Sunday, February 01, 2004 at 06:08:26 (EST)
Dear Connie, Enjoyed your version of Blackbird. I would like to interview you if possible.I am a on air announcer with WCLK 91.9 FM IN Atlanta Ga.Thanks for the music and Keep Swinging. Jay Edwards
RED OAK , GA 30272 USA - Saturday, January 31, 2004 at 14:53:58 (EST)
Connie does such a great rendition of "Can't Buy Me Love" on her Let It Be Jazz CD. I don't recall hearing about her singing with The Toronto Symphony...but I would love to see her live, so Connie, if you EVER play Toronto (from a small club to a huge soft seater) I am so there!
Jaymz Bee <>
Toronto, ON M5B 2M1 CANADA - Thursday, January 29, 2004 at 11:37:55 (EST)
Dear Connie I just heard your wonderful voice about 11:30 last night on my local PBS jazz show. It was so good it woke me up! I couldn't think of your name at Barnes and Noble today,but found it on my station's listing. I looked you up on Amazon and then found your website. I'm certainly glad I did!! I'm now trying to decide what cd I want first! What a nice dilemma! Good luck in the future! One of your newest fans! Mike Roanoke,Va.
Mike Kennerly <>
Roanoke, Va. 24018-6101 USA - Wednesday, January 21, 2004 at 21:04:29 (EST)
I am a musician and somewhat of a collector of Beatles related items and music and Connie's 'Let It Be Jazz' has become one of my favorite CDs. I just ordered 'Some Cats Know'. I hope she comes out with a DVD or performs locally so I can see her live.
Bill R. <>
New York, NY 10023 USA - Monday, January 12, 2004 at 08:52:55 (EST)
I was re-introduced to your wonderful musical stylings at Unity Church today and plan to catch you soon at a future gig. I spoke to you briefly after the service. You have a warm, shy side that I resonated with and found very refreshing. I'm going to pick up your Beatles CD. Thanks for a very special treat today, Connie!
Fred Cuneo <>
Chanhassen, MN 55317 USA - Sunday, December 28, 2003 at 23:52:50 (EST)
Dear Connie... Your enchanting beauty and fascinating voice make listening to you a very very sensual experience... the kind of experience that leads Jazz far beyound the bondaries of music and make you feel in some smoky 40¥s night club. Beijos R.
Roger Monteiro <>
Porto Alegre, RS 90040090 BrazilOs canais - Tuesday, January 06, 2004 at 13:56:58 (EST)
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