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I've been in love with Dave Frishberg's work forever. Little did I dream that one day I'd get to record an entire album of his songs—with him at the piano! When I learned that Frishberg and my musical cohort and pal, Dave Karr, were long-time friends from college days at the U of M, I thought it would be great fun to bring them together for a project. I'm forever grateful to Frishberg for coming to Minnesota—during the dead of winter—for this session. Seeing the two Daves together, friends who started our admiring each other's work as young men and are still inspiring each other today, was really a delight and an inspiration.

-- Connie Evingson

1. Little Did I Dream
2. Peel Me a Grape
3. Our Love Rolls On
4. Zanzibar
5. Can't Take You Nowhere
6. Heart's Desire
7. Wheelers and Dealers

8.  Zoot Walks In
9.  Eastwood Lane
10. You Are There
11. I Want to be a Sideman
12. My Attorney Bernie
13. Snowbound
14. Listen Here

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Connie Evingson - vocals
Dave Frishberg - piano (vocal on track 13)
Gordy Johnson - bass
Phil Hey - drums
Dave Karr - flute, tenor and baritone saxophone, narration (Zoot Walks In)
Mark Henderson, tenor saxophone (Can't Take You Nowhere, Zoot Walks In)

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